manarchy in the uk

The sun shone radiantly on the whole of the UK seeing temperatures soar into the twenties making April the warmest on record for a while, The whole of the country was gripped in wedding frenzy as it anticipated the Royal wedding. Throughout the month Kate featured in several publications including Hello and the Daily Mail wearing her tweed apparel of a tab mini skirt and long shoot coat showing impeccable regality both of which were creatively designed by Upender. Kate also appeared in the same outfit on a Kate and William wedding programme on tv. It was due to this fashion acquaintance with Kate that Upender was invited to a street party to celebrate the impending Royal nuptials which was to be transmitted on ITV This Morning tv show. The day of the party saw bitterly cold weather but nothing could diminish the euphoria of the occasion. Upender looked very handsome in some trousers featuring a Union Jack print inserted into the side seam and a black canvas jacket with Union Jack embellishments. Both items of clothing fresh from the liBErtyFREEdom menswear collection. He was featured on the programme throughout the morning as he chatted with numerous guests including Peter Andre and Keith Lemon both of whom were extremely friendly and amicable. A pleasurable day was had by all.
So yet another busy month manifested for liBErtyFREEdom. Lets hope May will be just as industrious and we'll have amultitude of enjoyable news to share with you all.

lots of love

Duchess Punk X